Have you dreamt of visiting Africa?

Where do you want to go?South Africa ; Botswana; Namibia ; Mozambique; Zambia; Tanzania; Uganda/Rwanda; Ethiopia; Chad;
Central African Republic / Cameroon

Once-in-a-lifetime real African safari experiences in the hands of experienced guides who is passionate about exploring, unveiling and sharing some of the lesser-known ​and wildest parts of Africa.

Explore on foot, by air, or tackle the bush in an open safari vehicle
Real places, really wild bush .... real Africa
All safaris are led personally and are a completely unique, designed to suit the regions that are available


The BEAUTIFUL walk or Trail Run on the Wild Coast of South Africa

Join us on a four-day trail along the most beautifully rugged and unspoiled coastline on earth.

Each day is professionally guided to ensure the safety of the group and a genuine Pondoland experience. Harvesting oysters and mussels off the rocks, making bread, collecting berries, diving for crayfish and catching that elusive Kabeljou are some of the experiences that can be enjoyed. The rich Pondo culture and history will also be shared, together with many wonderful tales of adventure, shipwrecks and survival that have taken place on this coastline.

The Wild Coast moves at its own pace and it is essential to take the time to appreciate its unique microclimate and the many endemic plants, animals and birds that occur in this region.

Time will rather be governed by the tides and the numerous river crossings along the way.


Kwa Zulu Natals - Majestic Drakensberg South Africa

An awe-inspiring and truly magnificent range of mountains, the majority of which lie in the KwaZulu Natal Province and stretch well over 200 kilometres forming a natural border between Lesotho and KwaZulu Natal.

The description is apt considering that the average height of this series of mountains is 2 900 metres, with some of the highest mountain peaks in Southern Africa rising as high as 3 482 metres. What makes it so popular, besides its sheer majesty, is its accessible plateau and the numerous passes and slopes that make for some of the best and most strenuous hiking in the province; possibly South Africa.

Please note booking in advance is advised .

Please contact me at shane@pfcs.co.za
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